17 August 2018: man so many cute things happening today… Leipzig, stop it already.


Steigt ein und fahrt mit wie Trine hier :::::


pic by (.)(.)s herself.



have Leipzig’s first Kiez beer “KREIS” on Eisenbahnstraße :—–))

d3sign by Teresa Schönherr – the goddess of graphic design


after Beertasting Bloc Party @mjut



Floor 1: House/Techno/Bass
23.00-01.30 DJ minusminus
01.30-03.00 XVII & gal
03.00-04.30 Karete Bu
04.30-06.00 Fr Jpla
06.00-07.00 Illousion

Floor 2: HipHop, Trash, Pop
23.30-01.30 Bionda
01.30-04:00 Benzin8000
04.00-05.30 DJ bremen eins

@Scherbelburg   Kleinzschocher


W A S S E R F E S T   @Clara-Zetkin-Park




9 August 2018: Arvida Byström & Honey Dijon @Horizn Studios


“This Thursday! Horizn Studios presents: @arvidabystrom, @honeydijon & friends. Come through for great tunes and see Swedish artist Arvida Byström’s debut at our Soho pop-up store. ✉️To attend, RSVP via rsvp@alexandrapreusche.com”


go go go gog go gog ogogogogogoogogoOOOOOGOOGGOGO

5th august 18: block birthday party to celebrate summer, life and having survived the eclipse season @Kaffa


this event was spotted on Naomi Shimada’s insta and here’s what one she says on her insta :::::: “we’re throwing a block party on sunday & everyone’s invited! bring your mum/puppy/lover etc come celebrate summer come celebrate life come celebrate surviving eclipse season! the gillet square ‘regeneration’ project will start in a few months which means the square won’t ever quite be the same so come get amongst it & soak it up while we’re still blessed to have it! ethiopian food & jamzzz all day so come on down! 🌺” https://www.instagram.com/naomishimada/

sweet summer in London ~~~ get down from 3pm – 10pm

@Kaffa on Gillet Square in Dalston


2 August – 26 August 2018: System by Gaika @Somerset House

“SYSTEM by musician and performance artist Gaika tells the history of sound system culture and challenges the media perception of Carnival by showcasing stories, characters, statistics and under celebrated sound system culture of Carnival and beyond.

For Gaika, Carnival and the fixed sound system are a bold demonstration of immigration, blackness and raw technical power. The installation invites guests to immerse themselves in a shared narrative, historical knowledge and interact with an overwhelming black architectural system.


GAIKA © Alvaro Grozny

The installation will serve as a real world architectural access point to the audio visual interpretation of Notting Hill Carnival archive source material. The installation is designed to be an interactive, functioning large scale audio visual sculpture which visitors can plug in and play music.

Each Tuesday and Thursday during SYSTEM, Boiler Room, Gaika and Somerset House Studios will be hosting a number of parties to be announced in the weeks building to Notting Hill Carnival. Featuring sound systems from the most cutting-edge creators in the industry, the series will give a platform to new talent inspired by sound system culture to perform alongside the original selectors, in events broadcast worldwide by Boiler Room and co-hosted by Gaika.”

I saw some sick vids from the Opening reception last night! Don’t miss this hottie of an audio visual sound installation!


New niche: Art being used for book covers

We probably all know it: We find a book in a book shop (or on amazon rather…) and like its content but dislike its book cover. This should not affect our buying behaviour because it is the content we want to buy it for, right? But it does!!!! A book is for life and we buy it for its haptic appearance so can the book cover please be aesthetically pleasing? And maybe your first world goal is to one day own a glass table to then place all your beautiful books intentionally unintentional underneath the piece of glass. If not, good for you, but I believe you still would rather read a book you like the cover of. I, as a very picky visual person have bought books only for their covers and have not been disappointed by their contents. So a beautiful book cover has a huge effect on our buying behaviour and in this case tit should be: “Judge a book by its cover.” An example for a beautiful book cover is the one of the novel  “Crudo” (Italian for “raw”) which was shot by Wolfgang Tillmans :::::


When Olivia Laing saw the photograph  “astro crusto, a” shot by the artist Wolfgang Tillmans, also known for his Anti-Brexit campaign posters, at the Tate in 2017, she knew exactly she wanted it for the cover of her novel set in tuscany and “Brexit-paralyzed UK”. “CRUDO” was published on 28 June 2018 and is maybe the first of many books that have art as their cover.


Olivia Laing about having chosen “astro crusto, a” by Wolfgang Tillmans for her book cover ::::

“At first glance, it looked like an abstract colourscape, composed of pearly white, Barbie pink and livid orange. On closer inspection, I realised I was looking at a smashed crustacean (a crab? a lobster?), the remnants of somebody’s luxurious, lingering lunch. Just off centre, a fat black fly picks over the last gleaming hunks of meat.

It’s a fantastic photograph: at once disgusting and voluptuous, stomach-churningly gorgeous. More than one person has told me it reminds them of a Renaissance painting. The combination of rot and abundance, and especially the fly on food is a classic memento mori composition, a reminder of the transience of all things of the flesh, no matter how lovely.

True, it’s not actually raw, but it does tie in with a key scene in Crudo, in which the lead character, Kathy, smashes a crab open with a hammer. “She wanted to be cracked open, that was the thing, only on her own terms and within preordained limits.” “


And tbh which of these two copies would you rather buy :::::



Being so inspired by this lush book cover, doobiesundboobies will try to make their own book covers for books that exist but have shit book covers.

First up is this gem :::::

“Conversations with Friends” by Sally Rooney


Right now this looks way too much like a factual “How-to” book on “How to have conversations with your friends” and not as fun as its way too relatable content really is. Whereas in the case of “Crudo” its cover was there before the novel, we now want to design book covers for books that already exist but fail to beguile with their looks alone. Similar to how the character Gus in Judd Apatow’s netflix series “Love” writes theme songs with his friends for films that don’t have any.

S t a y   t u n e d!    xxx




r3ad mor3 on Olivia Laing’s book cover choice for “Crudo” h3r3 :::::


Childish Gambino has started a wave that shows how culture can unite us

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When Childish Gambino dropped his track “This is America” with a reference heavy music video the world was in awe. Now there is two more videos emerging from the depths of the internet and other, justice-seeking places in the world: “This is Nigeria” by the artist Folarinde ‘Falz’ Falana and “This is Iraq” by I-NZ.

Now the question is: Who’s next to jump on this cultural wave? Russia has dropped their video three hours ago!

Next up on the tube: THIS IS KOREA by Big Marvel. While Falz, I-NZ and Гурам Нармания have used the medium of Childish Gambino’s music video to rap about things that go wrong in their countries, Big Marvel has just made his vid about kimchi mainly. I will post it here anyways although it is not on the same level as the other ones.

Next: This is France by ZEF.

Next: This is Ghana by koboAfrika.

Next: This is Malaysia by Jin Lim. The creators of ‘This is Malaysia’ have used this medium to portray Malaysia to the world. In one of their first rapping lines they are saying: “Don’t call us Chinese, we are Malaysian.” which definitely will sensitize those who watch this vid to that fact. They go on to say that a lot has changed in Malaysia and then name and show numerous dishes for example which are explicitly made in Malaysia. In total, this video is very charming and skillful, especially through little jokes and the comical facial expressions the performers pull of.

This is definitely more meaningful than when numerous different city editions of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” appeared on youtube. I guess times have changed since 2014…~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Let the wave continue!

artist watch: WHO IS AZADI.mp3 ???

L00king 4 answers ::::: WHO IS WHO IS AZADI.mp3 ???

it so nice I ask it twice. or have I ?


this video is definitely very mesmerizing and well fucking made! It is also very relatable to those struggling with identity which is probably everyone in their twenties and especially those struggling with two cultures. It is more prominently about

f r e e d o m

though and living it unapologetically – at last.

3njoy xxx


ignore that it’s on mute ↑↓ TURN it UP !!!!!


more MUSIC TO COME SOON apparently !!!!


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