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11 Jan 2018: Opening “Girls, Uninterrupted” @Creative Debuts



Curated by Florence Given

If you like art, women and booze, you won’t want to skip out on this show. An all-female art exhibition presenting uncensored works of illustration, photography, paintings and sculptures created by 19 stereotype defying artists, from underground and emerging art scenes all over the world.

If women will not be given a place in art, we will create our own. This is our space, for women to show completely uninterrupted.

Everyone welcome, FREE entry
Show will be up until the 15th of January”


collab w/ Femme Culture.
Femme culture is a record label and collective founded by Elkka and run with LUDO dj, born out of the desire to champion women in the arts and push forward-thinking music.

Poster Design: Florence Given, photography by Jessica Farran
Help with curation from Venus Libido                                                                  photograph by Katherine Miller

from 6pm until 11pm

@Creative Debut        115 Curtain Road          EC2A 3AD London

11 January 2018: Signe Pierce @MdbK


The artist Signe Pierce will be in Leipzig on Thursday!!!!!!

In case you missed it, h3r3’s the short film “American Reflexxx” with Signe Pierce directed by Alli Coates that went viral :::::



‘We didn’t set out to make a piece about dehumanization, mob mentality, or violence’: Alli Coates and Signe Pierce Talk ‘American Reflexxx’ -> http://www.artnews.com/2015/05/04/we-didnt-set-out-to-make-a-piece-about-dehumanization-mob-mentality-or-violence-alli-coates-and-signe-pierce-talk-american-reflexxx/




26226909_1032656746873517_3407941766375014400_nSigne on her Instagram :::: “! Guten Tag ! 🇩🇪 I’m excited to say that I’ll be in Germany next week building out my first museum installation at the @mdbkleipzig as a part of their “Virtual Normality. Netzkünstlerinnen 2.0″ exhibition. The show is highlighting prominent contemporary femme-identified artists working within fields of new media & net art.
I’ll be staging a performance in the museum on opening night, January 11th around 20:00 CET. If you or any friends live in Berlin, I urge you to consider taking the train down to Leipzig for the evening– it’s going to be really special 🔥 Bitte tag deine deutschen Freunde an 💋🇩🇪 (PS: I will be in Berlin Jan 12th-13th, then performing in Düsseldorf a month later from February 15-18th— better start brushing up on my German)”

“Virtual Normality” by Signe Pierce :::::


+++*++*+++*+++*++ NICHT VERPASSEN ++**++*+++*++*++

and OM Gosh look who else is participating :::::
Molly Soda, who the post below is about?!!?!?!?! 

Refrakt, Nicole Ruggiero, which I mentioned in the post about Molly Soda below!

Stephanie Sarley, who is the original creator of the fruit art videos on youtube!!!!                                                      http://stephaniesarley.com/


Arvida Byström                                                    https://www.instagram.com/arvidabystrom/





, Juno Calypso                                      https://www.instagram.com/junocalypso/

with whom this Blog started!





Leah Schrader ,Nakeya Brown, Izumi Miyazaki and La Turbo Avedon !!!!!!!!!!!!

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ There will be muzak by DJ HYPERTEXX A.II.R (M. Luft) ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫


LEIPZIG PPL, Come in droves. See your virtual reality become reality from 8pm until 10pm

@Museum der Bildenden Künste             Central               Leipzig

🎉UPDATE: THE ART WORK “SLIDE TO EXPOSE” BY MOLLY SODA, NICOLE RUGGIERO AND REFRAKT WILL EVEN BE ON VIEW!!🎉 OH and Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Nicole!!!🎉🎉! 🎉🎉 I literally asked one week ago in the post below: When will you come to Leipzig, Molly!!!!!!!!!!!! And from tonight her art is here!!!!!!!!!

cool work of art: ‘Slide to Expose’

This is some artworks by digital artist Molly Soda which she uses in the augmented reality installation with the geil name ‘Slide to Expose’. As digital natives this title rings a familiar ringtone (bells? what even are they? or wait I think I’ve seen one in a GIF?) as we’ve probs all been there

and slid/t publicly ergo were exposed by the slide. I can’t even do anything anymore without the effect of instant gratification

which is gratification ??!


in the form

or non-form

of likes.

That is why the best job for me seems to be the one where people would pay for watching me. I guess there is a lot of us who would like to do that job as the only change to their sitch now would be that they get money for performing on the internet?


check out dis page for more about ‘Slide to Expose’. When are you coming to Germany, MOlly? We have the internet here too :—-0o ::::: http://newhive.com/mollysoda/vanitas





Nicole Ruggiero and Refrakt are her partners for the project ‘Slide to Expose’. Here is some of Nicole’s art :::::


more by and about Nicole Ruggiero h3r3 ::::: http://www.nicoleruggiero.com

and about the Berlin-based artist collective Refrakt h3r3 ::::: http://refrakt.org/

go see ‘Slide to Expose’ until the 7th of Jan 201888 at the Today Art Museum in Bejing where it has been shipped to by and because it won The Lumen Prize.


15 December 2017: Sam Conran @MZIN

“- Film screening ‘Das Gestell’
– Book presentation ‘Der Sach-Verhalt’ by Zsolt Miklósvölgyi, followed by a conversation between Márió Z. Nemes and Philip Widmann

– Music by Sam Conran (LIVE)
Der Sach-Verhalt:
In collaboration with the Berlin-Budapest-Leipzig based art collective and publishing project Technologie und das Unheimliche (T+U), Philip Widmann and visual artist Márk Fridvalszki have created a booklet that consists of processed visual material from the research for Widmann’s film Das Gestell. In its rasterized black and white images, Der Sach-Verhalt explores the ways in which technology shapes the environment, through its application and even more through the reasoning it creates. Introductory thoughts by T+U editors Zsolt Miklósvölgyi and Márió Z. Nemes, as well as an essay by the Hungarian philosopher and writer J.A. Tillmann complement the images.

Das Gestell:
(​2017, Super 8/DCP, Color / Black & White, Stereo, 30’​)​
An experimental essay based on the Japanese fascination for the thought of German philosopher Martin Heidegger and interpretations of his works on the relation between humans and technology. In the grainy images of the film, landscapes from an uncertain time appear, occasionally flooded by water and a cacophony of brass players. The uncontrollable finds its ways into a world that tries to minimise risks and thus creates new dangers.

Sam Conran:
Sam Conran (Orbs Asunder) is a British sound artist, hardware hacker and independent audio producer based in Leipzig working with chaotic/non linear systems theory and custom devices. At Mzin, he will present the result from a recent collaboration with Márk Fridvalszki named Material Study (Sonic), also reflecting the materiality of Widmann’s film essay.”


from 7pm until 11pm

@MZIN            Kolonnadenstraße        central Leipzig

14 December 2017: Balcony DC @Tiff

doobiesundboobies highlyly recommend :::::


$$livelivelive in leipzsch$$

Don’t miss this creamy soft kiss on your buttcheeks that will stay like a blissful whiff with you forever. It stayed on (.)(.)s after having enjoyed the dreamy sounds of BALCONY DC on Kolonnadenstraße at the Kollefest ’17! Buttcheeks or (.)(.) it finds its way into your flesh!

<not your usual heavy Synth Wave Band but uplifting and fun!>

@Tiff       somewhere in the Ea$t    wurz      follow the scent of ease


Tiffany, 23: “BALCONY DC sind wie Urlaub!”