an exhibition dedicated to rubbish. Enjoy A Foul Breeze until 1 July 18 @Soft Opening in Piccadilly Circus Underground


check out Wilson Oryema and Harley Weir’s rubbish_1



@Soft Opening              Piccadilly Circus Underground

33019953_2073188319593008_4245995361631469568_n :::::::::


Why is it that I find rubbish so beautiful? Probably mostly because rubbish consists of plastic which is glossy and is most of the times pepto-bismol pink – so exactly that shade of pink that is trending on instagram and apparently stands for feminism – which is the pink I have always loved.

I almost get sentimental when I see rubbish. Maybe because rubbish is beautiful but still being chucked away after having been used for whatever purpose – be it: carrying something, covering something, wrapping something, containing something – actually always being the middleman/woman between a good and its user (you and me). I get sentimental because rubbish has not long to “live”. It does its deed and is being thrown out. Rubbish is ephemeral, transitory, evanescent, perishable, transient, deciduous, sliding, fugacious, short-lived, but then again not fading, not fleeting, not brittle, not volatile. It is everlasting, disposable but indissoluble, perpetual, incorruptile. Ever-lingering in our veins.

I also feel envy. Memento Mori, Vanitas. “I remember that I will die.” “All things must pass.” Plastic does not pass. But it must, too.


ogm only just found this pic on Antonia Marsh’s instagram who is the owner of Soft Opening. It is words by Wilson Oryema on the gallery’s window which are similar to what I just came up with. locking hearts/minds.


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