15 Feb 2019: TREMORS Love @The Glove That Fits


“LOVE sets ❤️💜💗

Lil Data
Chema Diaz
Samantha Togni
DJ Solidarity

LOVE exhibition 🖤💙❤️

Claudia Mate
Daniel Swan
Stacie Ant
Nicole Ruggiero
Jason Ebeyer
Molly Soda
Rachel Kate Noble
Fresh Crisis
Clodie Worboys
Chris Franks
Alex Mackinnon
Kitten Brain
Ed Phipps
Cait Robinson
Estrid Åkermark
Teresa Fogolari
Ben Parsons

LOVE performances 🖤💜❤️

Sam Hall
Mad Bad And Sad

TREMORS donates £1 from every ticket sale to mental wellbeing and creative charity Core Arts Xoxo

TREMORS Love Hotel video by Stacie Ant
Track: Samantha Togni – Trust Issues

TREMORS is the nightclub of the future

from 9pm until 1.30am

@The Glove That Fits        179 Morning Lane     E96LH   London


14 Feb 2019: Love From Aldous RH {} Valentine’s Day Spesh @The Five Bells

valentines day

“Have your fans ready babies coz it’s about to get HOT in here…

Tantric Master Aldous RH loves you… And he gon treat you right this Valentine’s Day… your wildest dreams realised in full on thee most sensual night of the year…

Joining him in his passion wagon will be…


Vanity Fairy

Swallow Cave


Dress to love in white or red. Bring Flowers. Be fragrant.

Embrace xoxoxox

5 OTD”

w0w doesn’t this sound exactly like the event you want for your Valentine’s ??? Check out Aldous RH’s seductive atmosphere tunes :::::


8pm until 0100

@The Five Bells         155 New Cross Road      SE14 5DJ         London





11 Jan 19: ‘To Cite A Body’ PV @Sluice

to cite a

“TO CITE A BODY exhibition launch

Bob Bicknell-Knight | Yoshi Kametani | Keiken | Mark Aerial Waller | Vivien Zhang
Curated by Jack Smurthwaite

To cite a body is a group exhibition about materialising the digital: moulding and authoring data to grant it some form of ‘materiality’. It is a distinctly modern expression, which is in part linked to the existential crisis of (personal) data becoming valuable. This data has currency and exists as an entity outside of the confines of the human body making it simultaneously personal and alien; it represents the subject but is apparently divorced from the agency of that same subject.

The networked structure of the exhibition reflects our complex personal and social relationships to the digital and non-physical material. Each artist, in their own way, comments and reflects on large societal questions, yet when they are viewed in relation to each other, they arguably show a fuller and richer depiction of our current situation.

Bicknell-Knight’s carelessly unattended bag makes an explicit comment on the very public Cambridge Analytica scandal and Facebook’s questionable response to it. Having such a visible and recognisable advertising campaign and public figure (‘The Zuck’) in the gallery brings to mind a recent and powerful example of how our data can be handled, manipulated, utilised and fed back to us. When viewed opposite Mark Aerial Waller’s Sons of Temperance, there is a realisation that anything, consciously or not, can be approached as data if it is collated, investigated and measured. The fictional ability to extract the voices of potters from the objects they made that Waller’s film depicts is wholly believable. These two works dialogically illustrate that the public outrage we felt in the fallout of the CA scandal wasn’t one of offence or shock but the sound of a bubble of wilful ignorance bursting. We know we produce masses of data; will also know we don’t fully question its value, power, or the shifting relativity of its authorship.

Keiken’s collective practice emphasises the braided strands of pop culture, politics, scientific investigation and prompts us to consider the future of data and its effects on us. The result of collaborations between artists, film makers, activists and biometrics experts, Keiken’s universe forces a viewpoint of futurity onto the contemporary debates that thrive around us. Empathy is often brought to question in conversations around technology but what is the fate of any ‘human’ emotion when it is repressed and shielded behind an increasingly acute understanding of hard, personal data.


check out K E I K E N’s work on insta :::::: https://www.instagram.com/_keiken_/

Yoshi Kametani’s beautifully glitchy 945°c series not only shows just how easily data can be interfered with but also how easy it is for this process to descend into an entropic free fall. Like the charred sculptures that his series started with, the abstraction of the ‘pure’ data, once meddled with, is irretrievable. Despite looking wholly digital, human fingerprints are stickily all over the perfect gloss of the photographic prints, just as the brushstrokes of Zhang’s canvases seamlessly meld the human and artificial. Zhang’s work presents an endless rhythmic and algorithmic landscape that is universally relatable yet culturally bound. Idiosyncratic gestures and personal memories appear in the aesthetic of the apparently borderless digital world but are framed within the long history of Zhang’s chosen medium and the underlying socio-political structures that invisibly govern the generation of such content.

Cash bar.”

Friday from 6pm until 9pm

@Sluice Art       171 Morning Lane      E9 6JY   London

8 Feb 2019: Make Me with Nachtdigital, pt 2 @Corsica Studios


To express our joy about this event, we will have to use the words of Kanye West: ‘Woop didi Woop di Scoop Woop didi Woop Woop’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




w/ the hugely popular DJs Steffen Bennenmann, Sevensol and map.ache (together they are known as Manamana!) !!!


‘We’re back for a 3 Room Extravaganza with:

Special Guest TBA
Demdike Stare
Map.ache (live)
Paquita Gordon
Steffen Bennemann
Truly Madly

Kit Seymour
Nic Baird

Ambient Room visuals by Ixian Optical

‘We’re over the moon to be reuniting with our favourite German rave buddies, Nachtdigital after our standout party of 2017 at Corsica Studios and a life-changing summer experience in Olganitz.

We’ve hand-picked some of our favourite artists from the 2018 Nachtdigital Flex edition including Demdike Stare who played a wickedly bass-heavy set on the beach stage, XDB who saw in Sunday morning with one of the sets of the festival and Paquita Gordon who laid down pure magic !!! on the lake stage on Saturday afternoon. Our Special Guest and headliner played a much-anticipated set at the festival too, and we can’t wait to unveil their identity.

From the Nachti residents, Map.ache will play live, showcasing the kind of deep spacey sounds which wowed us in the KANN showcase. Steffen Bennemann will also bring his wickedly deep bag of records, having had a big year playing festivals like FreeRotation, Waking Life and clubs like Berghain, Golden Pudel and De School. And we’re absolutely buzzing that Sevensol will return – one half of Manamana – who were incredible at the 2017 party.

In addition, we’ve invited some of London’s most exciting talent. re:ni who had a huge end of 2018 with gigs in Europe’s top clubs, Truly Madly who leaves jaws firmly on the floor every time he puts a new record on the turntable and Sybil who has been setting dancefloors, hearts and minds on fire in clubs, raves, forests and with every mix she puts out.

And yesss, the ambient room will return with sofas, rugs, cushions, plants and visual artists Ixian Optical bringing their analogue dreamscapes… with plenty of production surprises in store too.

Make Me residents Rubin, Rupes, Nic Baird and Kit Seymour round up the bill at what is set to be another legendary three room throwdown at London’s best club, Corsica Studios.’

from 11pm until 8am

@Corsica Studios      Elephant Road    SE17 1LB


12 – 13 Jan 19: CONDO Complex London 2019 !!!!!


OGM! London has something like Lindenow in Leipzig, where you get a map and find the art spaces marked on there, only that here it is a huge map… Come and do a Dora the Explorer and find  the participating galleries.


You can download this map h3r3 ::::: http://www.condocomplex.org/london/

I recommend you to print it out for the full experience ::—)))


H3r3 you can s33 the participating art spaces on Google Maps ::::::


About Condo Complex ::::::



10am-6pm, Saturday 12 January 2019
12-6pm, Sunday 13 January 2019

Come and stroll


@Galleries across London

10 Jan 2019: PV ‘The Dream Follows The Mouth’ @Arcade




Private view, Thursday January 10, 6 – 8pm

January 11 – February 16, 2019

Wednesday – Saturday,  12.00 – 20.00

Like a ballet The Dream Follows the Mouth brings together works by Louise Giovanelli, Leonor Serrano Rivas and Sofia Silva that repurpose classical aesthetic forms and poises.


A tryptic of blown glass sculptures by Leonor Serrano Rivas are suspended fluctuate in the space. These enhanced bodies of glass with their metal bones are static but their dynamic shadows dance in the space through a programmed lighting sequence. Light brings life, and animates the bodies of the mute dancers, inhaling and swelling their bellies to define the rhythm of silence.


Louise Giovanelli’s pair of paintings follow on to the scene – ambiguous images that recall renaissance sculpture or Oriental Buddhas. The artist observes and collects, appropriates and transforms. Light has its presence in these works too: the colour and its opacity give an ethereal atmosphere to the paintings, varying repetitions like a fading memory. Giovanelli leaves a track behind: painted shards reveal to us that what we are viewing has already been looked at, and filtered for us.


Sofia Silva’s turn now. The lines populating the surface reveal figurative subjects. The scene is still, but the recurrent motif of the stairs and the use of vertical lines give a sense of direction, a movement. There is a another mute character in the painting. With its eyes closed he listens, and dreams…


as s33n on ::::: http://thisisarcade.art/exhibitions

PV from 6 – 8pm

@Arcade                87 Lever Street              London EC1V 3RA