17 May 2019: “Dancing in Peckham” @Copeland Park & Bussey Building + PARTY @Ormside Projects


Décalé 4 | Décalé X Jupiter Woods

@Ormside Projects




Décalé = 1 year! So we would like to make it more special than ever. For this reason, we are joining forces with our friends Jupiter Woods, a South East London art organisation, to co-curate an invigorating programme of live acts, screening and DJ sets that are uncompromising and forward-thinking. And we are doing it at one of our favorite venue: Ormside Projects!

▶ MANARA (Rinse FM)
Manara is a London DJ and producer who is no stranger to making the dancefloor bounce, whether in London, New York or Berlin. A regular on the airwaves at BBC Asian Network, NTS and Rinse FM, she is also a Night Slugs and Fade To Mind affiliate.

Hannah is an artist, multi-instrumentalist, scholar, radio presenter (NTS), composer, conductor and founder of Peckham Chamber Orchestra. Her broad practice is connected through a central spine of inclusivity and decolonization. Myths, (both ancient and modern), word-play, appropriation and her own voice (in song) are her materials.

YaYa Bones is the musical moniker of multi-disciplinary artist Ayesha Tan Jones. Coining their genre ‘dream n bass’, YaYa Bones makes protest music for witches, fusing operatic melodies and earthcore beats.

marikiscrycry is the performance project of London-based choreographer and artist Malik Nashad Sharpe, born in 1992 in New York City. They make emotional choreographies that are less like descriptors of themes and more like worlds in themselves. Their work deals primarily with the social imprints and inflections left on the body, existentialism, the necessity to proliferate pro-Queer and pro-Black aesthetics under neoliberal hegemonies, choreography as an expanded formal proposition, and allostatic load.

Tabita Rezaire is infinity incarnated into an agent of healing, who uses art as a mean to unfold the soul. Her cross-dimensional practices envision network sciences – organic, electronic and spiritual – as healing technologies to serve the shift towards heart consciousness. Tabita is based in Cayenne, French Guyana and is a founding member of the artist group NTU, half of the duo Malaxa, and the mother of the energy house SENEB.

Not limited by a specific genre, though a penchant for electronic and club music. Chooc Ly’s DJ sets present a varied selection forging astral connections through spectrums of Techno, Kuduro, futuristic Chaabi الشعبي, high-voltage Electro, Hip hop, Qgom through to fusions we haven’t found names for yet. Chooc Ly recently played at Chale Wote Festival 2018 (Accra, Ghana), the Living Art Museum (Reykjavik), Tate Modern (London) and Villa Empain (Brussels).

Alpha (Anne Duffau) is a cultural producer that creates soundscapes exploring & defying preconceived/imperialist hi.Stories of identities & bodies. Through the scope of narratives & distinctive genre ranging from art, youtube mash-up, performances, discussions. Exploring artistic practices and knowledge exchange through presentations, screenings and discussion A—Z aims at opening up to a large audience by sharing discursive practices in order to deconstruct preconceived ideas on race, gender identities and the so call history in terms of power relationship.


‘When dusk arises, agitated spirits awake
A night on planet earth, Décalé
A platform for nocturnal creatures and loud existential insurgents
Disobedient children will come together and rise from the dark to encounter experimental collapsing,
flawless sounds, visuals and people. Together they will declare the unspoken, and embrace the hybrid and reactive nature of their collective experience.
Together, we rewrite reality now, against distorted norms, for an alternate tomorrow.’

Décalé’s mission is to create a safe and fun space for nocturnal creatures, in an environment animated by visuals and uncompromising sound. The collective want to break down fences and boundaries in an ever-inclusive atmosphere.
There is no tolerance for unethical, racist, homophobic, transphobic or any other abusive behaviors.


Jupiter Woods is a London-based art organisation and platform for interdisciplinary research and practice. Our activity is rooted in developing and experimenting with different methods of working and forms of collaboration and exchange.

By proposing alternative formats of production, presentation and dissemination of contemporary art, Jupiter Woods is devoted to continuously creating a dynamic space for multiple encounters.


Note: Tickets only guarantee entry before 1:00 If you arrive after this time then your ticket will still be valid for entry, but you will have to join the same queue as those buying on the door.


32 Ormside St, London SE15 1TR

Old Kent road (Aldi) – 53 453 21 172 N21 (5 min walk)
Ilderton Road – P12 (2 min walk)
South Bermondsey Station (10 min walk)
Surrey Quays 24hr OVERGROUND Station (20min walk / 5 min cycle / 5 min cab)

Access via stairs to first floor (assistance can be provided, please get in contact with any queries). Gender neutral toilets.


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8 May 2019: Disorder presents Disorders Vol. 2 @Studio 9294


“Disorder presents Disorders Vol.2

Disorder Live Art is a group of international artists, theorists and curators who met at the Royal College of Art and Goldsmiths University, London. The group represents research-based practices that take the form of live performances, installations and public art. Disorder Live Art acts as a network open to all in need of a space to show, reflect and develop sustainable models of making and presenting live art.

Disorder Live Art was formed in response to the marginalization of Live Art within Fine Art institutions and a capitalized art market. A gathering of artists and thinkers who collaborate and support each other to establish better and respected conditions of perceiving, producing and presenting work. In this way disorder Live Art seeks to overcome collective alienation and tackle problematic social labels or stereotypes within the artistic space.

‘Disorders Vol.2’ is the 2nd exhibition of a series of events of the group that will take place at Studio 9294 in Hackney. Live art works will be presented by a new generation of live art practitioners in a fluid group situation and in juxtaposition to each other.
Participating Artists: Asimis Alexiou, Anna Nazo, Farvash, Hannah Mary, Jade Blackstock, Louise Riou-Djukic, Luca George, Manuela Batas, Naz Balkaya, Norman Mine, Ying Xue.”

Image Credit: Jade Blackstock, Lagos Portugal, 2018. Photo by Alex Gulino.


Free entrance

from 7pm until 9pm

@Studio 9294      92 Wallis RD      London     Hackney     E9 5LN

6 May 2019: Prelon Musk: Acts of Kleinness @Asylum Chapel


“PRELON MUSK: ACTS OF KLEINNESS is a festival of methods, enacted into bodies of work and spoken into existence. The making of the script can be more interesting than the script itself, it is this we will sit centre stage. In shifting our line of focus from in-front to behind the lens, ACTS OF KLEINNESS seeks to reconfigure how moving image, both live and on-screen, is defined.

PRELON MUSK: ACTS OF KLEINNESS is a festival calling to expose the makers experimental script-making process in an evening of film screenings, performances and workshops.”


Check out the space! Holy spirit!

speaking of spirits, it’s BYOB!


from 5.30pm until 8.30pm

@Asylum Chapel       Caroline Gardens    Asylum Road    Peckham   SE15 2SQ

Hosted by Method-Agency


3 May 2019: No Money 9 @DIY Space for London

no mone.jpg

poster by Laurel&Paige


Poetry, film, theatre, and miscellaneous performance, premonition of disaster, offering a variety of new linguistic-visual force fields for the cash-strapped and overtly discontented.

With poetry, plays, films, banners, and talks from: Rob Kiely, Toby Bull, Daniel Neofetou, Kyle Zeto-Thorne, Rona Lorimer, Russian Antifa Solidarity, Laurel Uziell, Paige Murphy, Sacha Kahir, Leo Richard and Andrew Cooper.

£REE – donations for the space, performers, and Russian Antifa solidarity group”

from 7pm until 11pm

@DIY Space for London        96-108 Ormside Street     SE15 1TF       London

26 April 2019: MegaLast @Dalston Superstore

house of slopulence

“THIS FRIDAY at @dsuperstore, @megalast_ing returns!
With @sylvere__, @spinee777, @jmkisray , @s.hivum, @_j.aria_ and @n_i_kuu on deck, this one will be HOT down in the laser pit.

Hosted by our fave mean bitches @heysamreynolds & @unoriginalminds

House of Slopulence

£6 before 11, £7 after

SEE YOU DOWN FRONT (Thanks again to @shuntoheyog for the fab art this time around!)”



@Dalston Superstore     Kingsland Road         London


These amazing news are taken from h3r3 ::::: https://www.instagram.com/n_i_kuu/


30 April 2019: I, I, I, I, I, I, I, Kathy Acker Exhibition Opening @ICA


“I, I, I, I, I, I, I, Kathy Acker is the first UK exhibition dedicated to the American writer Kathy Acker (1947–1997), and her written, spoken and performed work.
This polyvocal and expansive project combines an exhibition with a programme of performances, screenings and talks. The exhibition is structured around fragments of Acker’s writing, which serve as catalysts for a network of interconnected materials presented around them, including works by other artists and writers, video and audio documentation of Acker’s performative appearances in various cultural and media contexts, and documents and books from her personal archive.
I, I, I, I, I, I, I, Kathy Acker addresses ‘Kathy Acker’ as a still-unfolding cultural force, focusing on the uniquely diverse and disruptive character of the author’s work and persona. In a 1996 text, Acker wrote: ‘Language is the accumulation of connections where there were no such connections’, and referred to a kind of language ‘that makes webs’. In this spirit, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, Kathy Acker looks particularly to contemporary artists working across visual arts, literature and performance, illuminating points of connection and resistance to Acker’s linguistic methodologies and lines of thought.
Acker is an exceptional figure in late-20th-century Western literature who moved between the avant-garde art and literary scenes of New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Paris and London. Through her prolific writing, Acker developed experimental textual methodologies as she distorted language, hybridised fiction and autobiography, ‘plagiarised’ the work of other authors, and introduced maps, drawings and diagrams. Acker’s work addressed language as a site of contestation from which meaning and identity are constructed, unpicking the patriarchal and the political. She provocatively confronted the strained relationship between desire and reality within culture, sex, the body, war, money, the family, mythology, colonialism, sickness, and the city in ways that remain critically relevant to our current times.
For Acker, the use of the first-person singular was, in fact, plural, as she utilised the ‘I’ in her writing to inhabit different identities from her own life, fiction and history, acknowledging her complicated relationships with family, friends and lovers. From her first novels – which were episodically distributed by mail and written under the pseudonym ‘The Black Tarantula’– the performance of identity remained integral to Acker’s work. This performative relationship to the self was central to her creative strategies as she expanded her writing practice to include readings, performances, plays, screenplays, and collaborations with artists and musicians; fashioned a distinctive public image across different media contexts; and engaged ‘the language of the body’ through tattoos, piercings and bodybuilding.
I, I, I, I, I, I, I, Kathy Acker seeks to illuminate the complexities within Acker’s written, spoken and performed work, as she moved between exposing and inhabiting the dynamics of power. Together, the exhibition and programme look to central concerns within Acker’s work around identity, sexual desire, mythology, piracy and the body, while considering how she located these concerns within layers of intertextuality and mutability.
This exhibition includes content which may not be appropriate for children. Parent or guardian discretion is advised.
I, I, I, I, I, I, I, Kathy Acker has been organised collectively by members of the ICA curatorial team, with exhibition graphics by HIT.
I, I, I, I, I, I, I, Kathy Acker has been made possible through the generous support of the Director’s Circle and the Friends of the Institute of Contemporary Arts.
Video still: Kathy Acker in conversation with Angela McRobbie at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, 1987
The ICA would like to thank the following for their advice and guidance towards this exhibition: Lisa Appignanesi, Dodie Bellamy, Paul Buck, Anja Casser, Laura Guy, Chris Kraus, Mason Leaver-Yap, Stephen Littman, Sylvère Lotringer, The Mekons, Angela McRobbie, Daniel Schulz, and Matias Viegener.
With special thanks to media partner NOWNESS
“With works and contributions by:

Reza Abdoh, Sophie Bassouls, Paul Buck, Ellen Cantor, Julien Ceccaldi, Jamie Crewe, Jimmy DeSana, Coleen Fitzgibbon, Bette Gordon, Penny Goring, Carl Gent, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, N. Katherine Hayles, Johanna Hedva, Caspar Heinemann, Every Ocean Hughes, Bhanu Kapil, Ghislaine Leung, Sophie Lewis, Candice Lin, Reba Maybury, The Mekons, Precious Okoyomon, Genesis P-Orridge, Raúl Ruiz, Sarah Schulman, Nancy Spero, Alan Sondheim, Patrick Staff, Linda Stupart, Atalia ten Brink, Kate Valk, VNS Matrix, Isabel Waidner, David Wojnarowicz, X&Y (Coleen Fitzgibbon and Robin Winters), and others to be announced.



Wednesday 1 May 2019, 6:30pm
‘Nonconscious Cognition’ and Kathy Acker’s ‘Language of the Body’
Literary critic N. Katherine Hayles presents a talk addressing Kathy Acker’s notion of the ‘language of the body’ in relation to her own recent research and writing.

Saturday 4 May 2019, 6:30pm
The Realm of the Recognisable: Sarah Schulman in conversation with Matias Viegener
Writer and activist Sarah Schulman is joined by artist and writer Matias Viegener to discuss Schulman’s three decades of work and their shared engagements with Kathy Acker.

Tuesday 21 May 2019, 6:45pm
Staying with the Violence: Womb Work and Family Abolition
Writer Sophie Lewis presents a lecture drawing on her new theories of surrogacy, gestational justice and family abolition, followed by a discussion with poet Anne Boyer.

Thursday 23 May 2019, 7:00pm
Presented by writer Isabel Waidner, readings and a discussion interrogating queerness and class in interdisciplinary writing and publishing in the UK.”
info taken from h3r3 :::::
Opening Tuesday 30 April, 6 – 8pm
1 May – 4 August 2019
@The Institute of Contemporary Arts is located between Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street and Piccadilly Circus in the heart of central London and easily accessible by public transport and bike:

The Mall   SW1Y 5AH   London